Room Tour 2015

I would say 99.9% of the things i own in my room are from Ikea. I'm obsessed with Ikea and not just there furniture, I love their accessories too and even just going there for a day trip is so much fun. You cannot beat strolling around Ikea all day and then going into the Cafe for some Swedish meatballs. All my furniture is from Ikea so are most of my accessories, there Market Hall is amazing and the items in there are such good value for money.

The artificial flowers from there are cheap as chips and they really bring a room to life - hence the reason I have many flowers in my bedroom. I also love their plant pots too, there only a couple of pounds and I use them for storage for my make up brushes. The lighting in Ikea is beautiful and the range is lovely.

Another place I enjoy shopping in for homeware things is Dunelm. My bedding is from there and also most of my cushions. I literally have 10 cushions/pillows on my bed altogether and I only sleep on one, but they do make the room look super cosy and warm.

Primark is also a great place for homeware things. I use to turn my nose up at the fact Primark sold homeware things but once I had a browse I quickly changed my mind. I adore their candles, the scents are lovely and they burn for hours and there fairy lights are better than any other shop I have seen.

If you would like to know about a particular item in these photos, leave a comment and I will let you know where I got it from and for how much.

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